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I have a huge list on my phone of things I need to and want to blog about! These kids are just changing so fast and furious lately that I can’t keep up with them.  Adam and I have conversations every night about the changes we are seeing and it is just incredible. The whole dynamic in our household has changed…the way they eat, structured motor-sensory activities, no screen-time, more core exercises and playing outside. We are gaining this momentum and optimism and it is amazing how when you change your expectations and start looking for the miracles, they appear.

One of  the things I have noticed with Max is that he seems more and more like that boy we knew before Autism took him from us.  I have noticed when I get upset with him now, he doesn’t just sit there with either no response or yell back in confusion/tantrum, but he actually get his FEELINGS hurt.  He is actually accessing that part of his brain again.  He gets the saddest look on his face and he cries real tears.  He looks to me to my face and watches my facial expressions to see if I am mad at him.  When he has to sit in a timeout he actually gets mad at me and hold a little grudge for a minute.  I know it sound weird, but it seriously brings me so much joy to have these types of interactions with him.  I am having to learn how to interact with him differently because he is now sensitive and able to react and express how he is feeling.

I am brought to tears just writing about it now.  It’s like my boy is slowly coming back to me.  Don’t get me wrong, he has a lot of catching up to do in his development, but just to be able to have him look at me and want to play peek-a-boo, get shy, scared, giggle and laugh is something you can just never know how much you need in a human relationship until it’s gone.

The other day we were laying on my bed and he let me read an entire book to him. He took it all in and I could tell he was really concentrating on the words and what I was saying. 


The last time I remember doing this was in these photos below when he was around 10 months old.

Feeling so blessed today.