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The more I have been learning about my children’s developing brains, the more I realize there are infinite combinations of neurons & synapses making connections which ultimately determines how an individual experiences the world. There are many pop psychology tests you can take to determine for example what “personality color” you are or what your “love language” may be.  If only informational, these concepts can help us to understand what our strengths and weaknesses are so that we may learn to communicate with each other better.  After all, isn’t lack of understanding, compassion/empathy and communication at the root of every human problem?

Enough of me waxing philosophical.

Adam and I took a trip.
Meaning, without children.
I would like to say it was spontaneous, but the spontaneous part of my brain is sorely underdeveloped.  And since having Max and Dempsey, the control-freak part of my brain has gone into overdrive.

We haven’t spent more than one night away from them since they were born, so this was quite the undertaking.  I remember watching a Autism conference video and one of the speakers mentioning that as a parent of special needs children you should have a “bus book”. Which means, if you got hit by a bus tomorrow, you should have everything written down so that someone else could step into your shoes if necessary.  I thought the name “bus book” was pretty morbid, however, even just leaving on vacation for 5 days I knew it was important to leave detailed instructions of how a typical day went from start to finish.  Sounds crazy, but when you are dealing with special diets, unpredictable behavior, and two toddlers who can’t talk…it’s gets overwhelming very quickly.  Luckily, my sister who has been living our basement for last couple years going to college was up for the job, and my parents came down for the weekend, so it couldn’t have gone any more smoothly!  It was a great for us to get away and for Max & Dempsey to learn to depend on adults other than their parents.

Here’s a recap of our trip just for future reference: (WARNING: iphonography overload):

We flew into Sacramento, but I forgot to get any photos of my awesome mission comp who let us crash at her place. Love you Porter!  On our way into ‘the city'(San Francisco) we stopped and had dinner with our buddy Kara.  She recommended Ethiopian cuisine and it was great to catch up, have intelligent, uninterrupted conversation and eat all of that deliciousness.


The next day we forgot how incredibly miserable it is driving around the city for very long, so we stopped to walk along the Presidio….We also spent a little time walking around Golden Gate park…I miss the Giant Redwoods so much. I know the desert has it’s own beauty, but really, this part of the world is very special.After somewhat of a wild goose chase following the GPS all over, and then driving in circles around the mission district waiting for a parking spot to open up, we finally made it to Dynamo Donuts.  I had been dying to go there since I saw them on the food network months earlier describing their hand-made-from-scratch confections.  I blame my mom, for placing on the path to becoming a donut connoisseur.There were some weird and wacky flavor combinations.  I am fan of the yeast donuts all the way. The cake ones, just don’t do it for me.  Out of all of the flavors I tried my top three in order were: vanilla bean, lemon pistachio, & maple apple bacon.Just chillin’ at the hotel…Can you ever have too many shots of the Golden Gate Bridge through your window? I mean, it’s just a precaution, since they destroy it in every post-apocalyptic movie.There is the bottom floor apartment where we lived just 3 minutes north of the GG bridge….so surreal coming back to visit.If anyone was to take a recommendation of where to eat while visiting the bay I would shout this place from the rooftops! Sol Food: Authentic Puerto Rican .  The limonada is to die for…15 minutes in our backyard was the beach…we HAD to go there to take an afternoon nap.:)Although it is SUPER touristy…who cares? We wanted some seafood, it was Saturday night, and without a reservation in the city it can be tough, so Fisherman’s wharf it was!Back to Marin on a foggy morning to go to church and see so many good friends.  Memorial day, Adam helped me test out my wide angle lens before I photographed a reception for a friend.On our way back to Sacramento we passed “Madison Avenue”
Porter loaded me up with European sweets for trip back.We made it a few miles from home when Adam’s little Geo Metro overheated….when I text my dad about it, he told Adam to just spit on it. We coasted into a gas station and filled up with water.  Good times…good times.

I can’t believe we waited 4 years to get away.  It was so nice to recharge and remember the people we forgot we were before 2 little ones redefined our life.  It’s so easy to get lost in parenthood and although we may not fly off to exotic places every year, we will definitely make it a priority to getaway again soon.  Our kiddos benefited as well.  Their routines were switched up, they were forced to communicate with people who didn’t know how to translate all their cues and gibberish, and they got to bond with family that doesn’t see them often which is all very good for strengthening their right brains. WIN WIN!