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Today I was reading and came across this quote:

It is up to the parents to help shape and mold their child’s intentions, goals, and dreams, but it takes a balanced brain to pursue and attain them. A brain that is out of rhythm…will not develop the emotional structure to carry them out.                                                                                  –Dr. Melillo


Balanced brains are the focus for our children these days, and honestly it has been a couple years since I dared to dream about what the future would hold for them.  I would always smile politely, but with a slight cringe at those who told me that my children are very special and sent to me for a reason…or that we are meant to be their parents.
I was insecure.
I didn’t feel any more special than any other parent. There were way too many expectations and it was all I could do to get out of bed everyday and make it until bedtime. I was stuck. We were all stuck.

But now,things are changing. Not just in my kids, but in me. I understand now why we were meant to be their parents…because we needed them to help change us.

Now that an environment has been created for them to progress, and we have removed those things that we know were inhibiting their development, we can see their little spirits shining through brighter than ever.

My little Maximus is as sweet as honey.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s still 3.  He has his defiant moments, but 80% of the time he is tolerant and so patient with us and his sister.  He is becoming very obedient.  Now that he is able to understand more words he is so willing to help.  He loves music, singing, and dancing to a good beat.  He is developing quite the sense of humor and likes to fake laugh and say “what’s so funny”.  He loves to tease and play with us.  He is constantly searching my face for different expressions, which you have no idea how much joy that gives me to have that interaction with him.

Speaking recently with a friend about it, she described it like seeing your newborn infant start to smile, laugh, and interact with you for the first time…it’s that same excitement and joy, only Max is almost 4 years old.  Max brings happiness to everyone he spends any time with.  I have received emails, notes, phone calls, and had conversations with teachers, family, and friends who just fall in love with Max.  He’s just a very easy boy to love.  I have so much hope for him and see so much potential for the future.  I cannot wait to see him grow and develop.

My little Dempsey girl…I always know where I stand with her. She may only know a handful of words, but don’t let that fool you, she will let know know what’s up. Everyday she is mimicking more and more words.  She LOVES to jump on the bed and play in my bathroom.  She is definitely a girly-girl, because I catch her putting bows in her hair and modeling in front of my mirrors. She loves carrying around little knick-knacks in her hands, or stuffed animals, or dolls…it’s a different collection everyday and they must go everywhere she goes, even to bath & bed. She’s fiery, fiesty, strong-willed and I hope that as we work on balancing her, that we can temper these traits to work in her favor, so that she can be a force for good among her peers.  She also has moments when she is incredibly sweet and wants to be swaddled up in her blankie on our laps.  She is as tall as Max(37″ very tall for her age) and sometimes I forget that she is only 2, my baby.