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making good on may

Well, it’s been around a month that we have been doing sensory-motor exercises with Max and about 2 months that both of them have been gluten/dairy-casein/soy free and I wanted to kind of give a run down of what typical day looks like right now, because I know our schedule will be changing once Max actually starts going to the Center.

I won’t lie. It is so much work, but we know the we are trying to grow little brain cells here, so consistency and frequency are the keys when it comes to making changes. Plus, we are seeing results and that makes so much easier to push forward everyday!

I made this schedule for my sister when we left on vacation for a week.

7:30-8:00am                         WAKE UP!

8:30-9:00am                         Breakfast

9:00am                       Exercise with Max

9:30am                       Get dressed

Activity time until lunch:

  • Go to park
  • Playdough
  • Go shopping
  • Go for a walk at temple
  • Play out in the yard with bubbles/sprinkler
  • Color/water paint outside on picnic table
  • Splash park
  • Make my bed and jump on it

Snack around 10:30am

12:00noon                 Lunch

1:00 or 2:00pm         Dempsey goes down for a nap and then exercise with Max again

She will sleep for a couple hours.

Another snack around 4:00pm

More activities until dinner or eat dinner first and then go out and play until dark.

  • Jumpin jacks
  • Carousel

6:00 -7:00pm         Dinner

8:00-9:00pm             Bath every other night and bedtime

Put Dempsey in bed first and do exercises with Max again.

I also wanted to document some new changes.  They just keep coming so fast and furious that I have to make notes in my phone whenever I see something new, so that I don’t forget!

We have noticed that since we have taken Dempsey off of gluten/dairy that her eczema/dry, scaly skin that covered her abdomen and legs is completely gone. Max’s didn’t have as bad of skin, but we can also tell his skin is just much softer and we are not having to apply lotions to either of them at all.

Another new development with Max is that he has become very interested in wanting to try out bikes, trikes, and scooters…I remember buying a Little Tikes push-car for his second birthday and he has never played with it, but recently, I’m sure since we have been working on his weaker right brain which controls gross motor skills, he is wanting to pedal things. Sooo exciting!

I have also notice Max and Dempsey being more willing to engage with other adults.  They are willing and curious to go up and see what other people are doing.  Max is more careful about not intruding and just observing. Dempsey still lacks a sense of boundaries/awareness, however, she now responds to me when I tell her no/stop or call her name which is 100% better than a couple months ago.