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Stay the Course

This past week was rough.  There has been some upheaval and stress in the background of our lives and even though I have tried my best to keep up on the kids’ routine, they can see straight through any kind of act I put on.  Their very countenance is a reflection of how I am feeling and they behave accordingly.  So, as much as I would like every post to be about sunshine and rainbows, the reality is, I also want to remember how the other 6 days of the week are. 😉

Max has not wanted to do his exercises lately. He has become stubborn, whiny, and just lays there.  They told us when we started BB, that as his brain started making connections that he would go through developmental stages that he has missed.  I am hoping that this is just a defiant stage and means that things are changing, or it could be perhaps he is just getting bored with the whole routine and needs a new challenge.  Either way, we are taking him into the center this week, so we are excited to start seeing the next round of changes.

The other hard thing is summer. I love summer, but the days are forever long and it’s been 105+ degrees all week.  I try to get creative with keeping them occupied, but this past week there was one too many movies watched, and they were climbing the walls by the end of the day.  By the time Sunday rolled around, Adam and I could clearly see that the lack of activity and abundance of screen time throughout the week had turned them into little beasts.  It was a great reminder and evidence that all the changes we have been making are working for them and we need to stay the course.

Yes. I’m the mom captures these kodak moments.