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Light in dark places

It is so easy to become consumed by all the things that my children are not able to do, because of their autism. I’View full post »

What’s old is new.

I’ve been horrible at blogging, which I regret because I love blogging. It is very cathardic for me. A release, aView full post »

Part of their world.

I know. It’s been like a couple of months since I last posted.  Max only has like 2.5 weeks left in the BrainView full post »

Stay the Course

This past week was rough.  There has been some upheaval and stress in the background of our lives and even though IView full post »

emerging personalities

Today I was reading and came across this quote: It is up to the parents to help shape and mold their child’sView full post »

making good on may

Well, it’s been around a month that we have been doing sensory-motor exercises with Max and about 2 months thatView full post »


I have a huge list on my phone of things I need to and want to blog about! These kids are just changing so fast andView full post »

just keep swimming

I don’t want this blog to become a place where I only express how challenging my situation is…I have gainedView full post »

everyday stage fright

When I was in 9th grade I decided I wanted to try out for the school musical. I was severely shy back then, but I feltView full post »

Maximus Prime.

Max is changing like crazy everyday and I want to document a detailed description of where he started and how far he hasView full post »